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Succulent Care Tips fleshy plants that can easily grow in dry environments are known as succulents You can easily take care of these type of plants. Not a large number of pest species are attracted to succulents For you to grow healthy plants, it is important to know the right way of taking care of them and handling the type of pest that mostly attack them. In addition, it proper to only grow plants that are capable of surviving in your living environment. To effectively take care of any succulent, you should have a pot that is wide and sturdy enough. regardless of the variety of succulent that you want to grow, a wide and sturdy pot is necessary. For these type of plants to grow well, they usually spread their thick roots out to a wider diameter. If the variety that you are growing is heavy at the top and grows large, you ought to have a more sturdy pot for it not to tip over. For the best choice, you can opt for terra cotta. A good pot should have drainage holes near its bottom. The best materials for pot is the one that you can easily add some holes to. For shallow rooted succulents, a shallow pot would be the most appropriate. A sunny place is where you should put the succulent. if your environment is of hot climate, the right place to put the plant is the place that gets a bit of the filtered sunlight everyday. For people living in cold climates, they should put the plants in the sun for about six hours. For indoors plants to receive enough sunlight, they should be rotated each day. To ensure that your succulent is receiving the right amount of water, you should water them at least every week. However, the number of watering sessions depends on the type of succulent. During the summer and springs seasons, you should ensure that the soil is properly moisture.
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If you overwater the succulents, the roots may start rotting. It is advisable to reduce the amount of water for the plants during any dormancy season. During the period of dormancy, watering should be done only when the soil is completely dry. The flowering type of succulents require more water as opposed to the non-flowering variety. To effectively take care of the succulents, you should identify the species of pests that commonly attack them. Examples of pests that can easily attack the succulents are mealy bugs and aphids. The right places to check for aphids are the leaves, stems and also the flower buds. You can fight the mealy bugs and aphids using insecticidal soap. The insecticidal soap can be bought or made from home.What Has Changed Recently With Options?

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